Selling & Purchasing

Selling your company is partly a business decision and partly a lifestyle decision. In order to decide if continuing down your current path is still worth it, we urge you to consider the following factors:

Business factors:

Trucking is risky: the general economy, US exchange and fuel prices and quickly erase profitability
Your business may be flat lined, making further growth realistically impossible. In that case, it will never be worth more than it is today. If you can’t build further wealth, you’re really just working for your own pay cheque, and assuming all the business risk into the bargain.
In the next downturn, you may have to cut your own pay, or even inject further personal funds to keep the company afloat.
You could be better off if you sold the company, and traded the business risk of ownership for secure, stable investment income from the sale proceeds.
Your kids may not be interested or have the necessary skills required to carry the business on for another generation.
Personal factors:

Reduce stress: letting go of the stress of owning and managing a business in a changing world.
Freedom: finally having the time and money to do things you have always dreamed of.
Family time: being able to spend more time with family and friends when you may not have been able to while running a business.
The team at TransFunds Investment Banking is experienced in negotiating, sales, finance, law, accounting, marketing, business management and trucking. Closing a transaction takes a great deal of time, energy and commitment; it’s nearly a full time job in itself. Well you already have one of those! TransFunds Investment Banking will get the deal done.

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Why should I sell?

As part of retirement planning, to realize on the value of the business.

To ensure continuity of the business under new ownership which will inject new capital and growth.

To become part of a larger organization-a bigger playing field.

What’s it worth?

The selling price of a business is tied to the cash it will generate for a future owner.

We use industry standards, (as recognized by lenders) and experience with past sales to establish pricing benchmarks.

We then negotiate with qualified buyers toward that goal.

What am I selling?

Many owners accumulate a variety of assets in one or more companies – some used in the business, some not. Real estate and other investments are common. It’s important to know from the outset what you would like to sell, and how flexible you can be (to accommodate different purchaser’s needs). Obtaining advice from your tax advisors is wise at this stage.

Why would someone buy my company?

Every buyer has his unique situation and “good fit” factors for an acquisition, including: Expand his existing operation into new service areas / types of freight hauled.

Synergies / efficiencies when combined with his existing business.

Prevent acquisition by his competition.

Strengthen and diversify his customer base.

Replace freight volumes lost (recession, plant closures).

Every situation is unique; give us a call today, and we’ll arrange a confidential assessment!

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