About Us

about us

Back in 1998, Alex set out to build a firm that was unique, useful and filled a void in the industry. He succeeded. TransFunds Investment Banking is a company like no other. Our goal is to assist owners of Transportation companies in realizing their true potential either through acquisitions or the sale of their business.

What makes us different? Our commitment, our knowledge and our passion. We are committed to working solely in the Transportation industry; you can rest assured that we’re focusing all of our energy here and not with ten different industries. Our knowledge is extensive; not only do we know accounting, finance, law, marketing, and sales (to name a few), but we also know trucks. We’ve worked in the shop, driven the trucks, hired the drivers, sold the freight and managed the finances just like you. Lastly, we care about your business as much as you do; and we love to see you succeed!

TransFunds Investment Banking is a proud member of the following Associations:

Alberta Trucking Association


American Trucking Association


Atlantic Trucking Association


British Columbia Trucking Association


Manitoba Trucking Association


Ontario Trucking Association


Saskatchewan Trucking Association


Truckload Carriers Trucking Association